Veronica Jarboe is a Northern Californian poet, artist, performer, and author of sweethearts and sorrows.

She has had multiple poems published as well as other works including, plays, short stories, and screenplays. 

Veronica is also a professionally trained dancer having started dancing at age 3. As well as dance, she has been doing theatre since she was 8 and briefly trained at LAMDA in London.

“I’m becoming everything

he feared I’d be;

happy, more successful, loved

and bigger.”

-Veronica Jarboe

Micro Poems


don’t be the person
douses my fire,

and i won’t be the girl
who engulfs you in my flames
when i re-ignite

silver liquid starlight

silver liquid starlight
seeps into my lungs like mercury

but unlike poison,
it’s oil to my engine fire
and i feel indestructible 

love’s end

where the road love ends
there is a mountain
but i think i will go right
and go along the path of growth

Artwork by Emma Day Copyright

Twitter: @VJarboe